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October 2, 2018

How to Change Gmail Password on All Devices With Just One-Click

Password is a security factor that must be maintained, especially a Gmail account. Do you already know how to replace it? Here are tips on how to change the Gmail password.

Password is a collection of characters used for security systems. To ensure our account is safe, we must regularly change the passwords of guys.

One important account is Gmail, because this account is connected to many Android programs. Do you know how?

If not, the following tips is how to change the Gmail password on all devices.

Why Do We Have to Change the Gmail Account Password?

Changing your Gmail password regularly is strongly recommended guys. Because of this to prevent your account being hacked or misused. Here are some reasons:
  • Prevent Hackers. If you use a Gmail account to register various social media or applications, this is very important. Because if one main email is hacked, all social media accounts that are connected will be affected.
  • Old passwords have been spread. If you have told your Gmail password to someone else, then you must replace it immediately. We never know if someone has evil intentions.

Here's how to change the Gmail password on all devices

How to change the Gmail password on both Android and computer are the same guys. This time we will give an example using an Android cellphone. Immediately we see the tutorial:
Step 1

Steps to change the password first open the browser application on both your computer and cellphone. we will use Google Chrome guys. After that, enter the URL https://accounts.google.com/EditPasswd

Step 2

Then log in to the Gmail account that you want to change the password guys. Enter a password and click the Next button.

Step 3

After that, enter the new password you want. Create a password as complex as possible, this password consists of 8 characters. If you click the Change Password button.

Step 4

If the process is complete then you will go to this page. By changing the Gmail password, you must re-login on all the devices that use the account.

How to Make a Good Gmail Password?

We suggest don't use birth dates, invented dates, or predictable numbers like 123456, 000000, 1111111, and others.

Use a combination of numeric characters and the alphabet.

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