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October 6, 2018

7 Secrets Keyword of Google Search Engine to Try

Google Search is undeniably biggest search engine available today. The reason, this search engine does have an interesting ability. In addition, the accuracy of the search results also deserves thumbs up.

Its use is fairly easy, so novice internet users can quickly master it. Even though it's easy, Google turns out to have other features that make the search experience even more interesting.

One of them is the keyword search feature or keyword. By utilizing certain keywords, Google Search users can actually get the desired search results.

So, you don't need to type general keywords when you want to find something. Curious about what the secret keyword is? Here are some of the selected keywords that have been collected.

1. Specific Site Search

Usually, when searching for sites with general keywords, one of the main results is the main site. However, actually you can directly find the main site by typing it directly in the search field.

How, you just type "site: (site address) (keyword)". In this way, the search results will display directly one topic that originates from a particular site.

2. Knowing Weather Conditions

Without the need to install a weather application, you can actually find out the weather information in the Google search column.

You just type the keyword "weather in (location you want to know)". Later, the search results will display weather conditions in the region.

3. Conversion of Currency Value

Another feature that is no less interesting is the keyword for knowing currency conversions. In this way, you don't need to bother to open certain conversion sites.

Just use the keyword "(amount of money) (currency 1) to (currency 2)". Once open, the search results will immediately show the results of the conversion.

4. Convert Value Size

Similar to currency conversions, you can also find certain size values directly from Google Search. Just type "(number of sizes) (size 1) to (size 2)" and Google will immediately display it.

5. Language translator

Another keyword that is no less interesting is translating language directly from Google Search. How to use it is fairly simple.

Type the keyword "translate (word) from (original language) to (destination language)" and the results of the translation will be immediately displayed.

6. Display Time Zone

Intrigued by the time in other countries, but don't want to bother using certain applications. Take advantage of Google Search to find out.

Just like other abilities, just type "(time) in (destination country)". Automatically, the Google Search engine will show the time in the country.

7. Know Football Match Results

Do you often miss the results of last night's soccer match? Try Google Search's ability to present the latest match results directly without the need to access certain sites.

Enter the keyword "(football club 1) vs (soccer club 2)" in the search field. Voila, you can know the results of last night's game in a short time.

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