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October 5, 2018

5 Google Translate features that you need to know

For those of you who have a pleasure hobby to communicated with people in foreign countries in the world, Google Translate is a mandatory application on the smartphone. Why?

Through this application made by Google, users can easily read foreign writing and translate something armed with an Android smartphone.

Whether by downloading the language first for offline use, translating text using a camera, or direct conversation, there are various ways that are simple and worth trying.

1. Google Translate Offline


For those of you who want to use Google Translate when traveling, it's good to first download the main language in the destination country.

In this way, you can save on data packages and keep watch if you don't have stable internet access in the country.

To do this, click the menu icon and select Offline translation. Select and click the language you want to use. Easy isn't it?

2. Type to Translate


As the name implies, the main feature of Google Translate is the ability to type something and translate it into other languages of the user's choice.

When the application is opened, you will find the language typed on the left, and on the right is the result of the translated sentence.

3. Write to Translate

Google Translate has a feature that can detect the user's handwriting, and translate it into the desired language.

Tap the Handwriting menu, and write the word or sentence you want to translate.

4. Instant Camera Translation


Not only can you translate via writing or voice, Google Translate can also read foreign language texts by relying on a smartphone camera.

All you need to do is direct the camera to the text you want to translate. Just follow the instructions in the application, even difficult writing is easy to understand.

5. Speak to Translate

Feeling difficult to write the word or sentence you want to translate, you can use the translator via voice feature.

With this, Google Translate will directly translate the language used when talking to the other person.

You can use this feature by clicking the Conversation icon at the bottom of the application.

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