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October 9, 2018

3 Easy Ways to Clean Laptop and Computer Keyboard

It was quite annoying indeed if the computer keyboard or laptop that you use everyday, suddenly can not be used.

Moreover, when you are working on college's assignments or completing your work that is almost deadline.

As one of the most important peripheral devices, there are moment when the keyboard you use doesn't function optimally due to dirt and dust.

If your keyboard feels less functional because of dirt, you should follow the easy steps below.

Keep in mind, before you start cleaning the keyboard, you need to unplug the keyboard that is attached to your computer or laptop.

1. Dust

One common problem that 'attacks' the keyboard is dust. A quick and easy way to overcome this problem is to use a brush - or toothbrush - soft.

For a keyboard on a laptop, you should use a small vacuum cleaner to avoid damaging the existing laptop components.

Then to deal with stubborn dust, you can use a harder brush.

2. Germs

Because it is used daily, it is natural that your keyboard becomes a "farm" for breeding various kinds of germs.

For that, you should avoid disinfecting products that contain ethyl elements and it is better to use alcohol containing isopropyl.

Why is isopropyl better? Because the chemical content of ethyl elements will erode the letters on your keyboard.

The safe limit of alcohol that you can use is 60 percent or more.

Use a cotton bud or cloth that you have wet with a cleaning solution. Rub the keyboard key surface evenly for the top of the keyboard, and the cotton bud for the sides.

3. Water Spill

Is there anything worse than the sticky keyboard button?

Spilling coffee or soda on the keyboard is the worst thing that might happen. The first thing you need to do is unplug the keyboard from the computer.

Although many people clean the keyboard while still wet, you should dry it first.

After drying, to remove the liquid attached to the button, you should remove the buttons one by one.

This is done so that the keyboard keys can be cleaned properly and easier when they are re-installed.

How do I release the keyboard button easily? For a computer keyboard, you can use a flat blade or screwdriver to release the keyboard button from the side. Don't use too much energy, because the keyboard button will be released easily.

For a laptop keyboard, you simply use finger nails to release the keyboard keys. Be careful when you release the keyboard button, because the key mechanism is vulnerable to breaking.

After removing it, you can use a wet cloth first to dry the wet parts.

After drying you can use alcohol to clean the keyboard base. To clean the keyboard button, you can soak it in warm water.

Don't forget to dry the button before you install it again.

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