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September 9, 2018

Top Extreme Building In The World

Development of House increase year after year. Nowdays many house has a unique design. Several house in this world has a unique and extreme location. Housr that should stand in a safe place away from natural threats such as earthquakes, landslides and even storms. However, the creators of the building actually deliberately set up buildings to get extreme sensations, curious? Here are the most extreme buildings in the world.

1. Xuankong Temple, China

Xuankong Temple in an area in China which is hanged in a 75-meter cliff or 246 feet above the ground. Located near Mount Heng in Hunyuan , Province of Shanxi. This temple was built during the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-557), and has a historical story more than 1,400 years ago.

This is the only temple that exists for Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism in China. 40 temples were built and more than 80 Buddha statues made of copper, iron, stone and mud.

2. Hotel Capsul, Peru

It is classified as a very extreme hotel in the world. This hotel attached to this cliff has a height of 1312 meters above the valley, this hotel capsule is made of aerospace-grade aluminum framing and polycarbonate which has been proven to be resistant to all weather conditions. To reach this extreme and unique place requires an effort that is not easy, visitors must be able to climb the cliff like experienced climbers. But after visiting this place, a tense sensation will be felt once in a lifetime.

3. Takasugi, Japan

Takasugi is etymologically translated as "a tea house [built] too high." Located in Nagano, Japan, the teahouse was built on two trees cut from a nearby mountain and transported to the location. Architect Terunobu Fujimori designed and built this extreme building with a single room structure. To achieve this can only be accessed by a free standing staircase resting on one tree trunk.

4. Fangweng Restaurant, China

This restaurant was located in Happy Valley, China, has an amazing view, but it does not escape the extreme restaurant buildings that hang on the side of the cliff, this makes the visitors feel the adrenaline when stepping foot in the restaurant. Fangweng Restaurant offers Chinese specialties while admiring the natural beauty of Xiling Gorge, China.

5. Sutyagin's house, Russia

Sutyagin's house is a wooden house built by Russian businessman Nikolai Petrovich, Sutyagin was built for a period of 15 years (starting in 1992). Although the building has only two aspects, the roof is 11-15 pieces, so it might make this house the tallest house in Russia. In 2008, the tower at Sutyagin's house was hit by a fire hazard so that the part of the tower had to be pulled down by the local government.

6. Refuge des Cosmiques Hut, France

An extreme motel for Mont Blanc massif mountain explorers in France, the extreme building stands at an altitude of 3613 meters above sea level. The position of the building at the top, making this building one of the most extreme buildings in the world.

7. Meteora Monasteries, Greece

Meteora etymologically the Greek language means "floating in the air". The Meteora Monastery is a group of monasteries in the Middle Ages, and one of the largest and most important complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece. Located on the cliff top of natural stone pillars, 24 monasteries were built during the 15th century despite experiencing tremendous difficulties.

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