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September 30, 2018

5 Forbidden Songs That Can Make Crazy and Death! Dare to listen?

A song can make the listener crazy and die? 5 of these forbidden songs turned out to be possible.

In this world there are billions of songs. Yes. The seven-tone scale can actually produce billions of song variants and will continue to grow over time. Of the many songs, everyone should have their favorite songs.

There are forbidden songs that can make listeners lose their lives! Following this five forbidden songs that could make listener crazy and died.

5 Forbidden Songs that Can Make Crazy and Death

Favorite songs are usually chosen based on their individual tastes. Of all types and variety of songs, it feels strange if someone chooses songs with horror nuances as favorites. Moreover, when the song is considered a forbidden song in which it stores mystical stories to a curse.

1. Gloomy Sunday

The song created by Rezs Seress and pianist from Hungary, written based on poetry in 1933. The song itself tells the story of a singer who was depressed because of the death of his lover and wanted to commit suicide. Mystery began when many suicides appeared in people who listened to this song.

The peak occurred in 1941 when the singer named Billy Holiday sang this song and popularized it until it was played on many radio stations. Unfortunately, suicide cases then increased rapidly and this is believed to occur because more and more people are listening to the Gloomy Sunday song.

2. Requiem for a Tower


The song, Requiem for a Tower, is said to have made his listeners kill many people. One person who was almost a victim revealed that the perpetrator opened fire on dozens of people with rifles, wearing a headset in his ear and putting on a flat face with no expression.

3. Stairway to Heaven


The legendary song from the band that is also lendendaris, Led Zeppelin, is still a mystery. The reff part of this song is said to have a reverse meaning negative if it is played with a reverse effect. This then became a question mark because in the year of making this song, there was no reverse technology.

4. Nina Bobo


Songs that you certainly know or hear often when you are little are actually one of the forbidden songs. Nina Bobo's song turned out to have a sinister meaning. Originally, this song was sung by a mother to her dead child but with eyes still open. The mother sang while hoping the child could rest in peace.

5. Reverse - Karl Mayer


Unlike most songs, Reverse - Karl Mayer contains strange voices which are still unclear as to what it is. Like strange screams or bat sounds, this song turned out to be able to make the listener experience mental problems, aka crazy. In fact, some people lost their lives because they listened to this song for too long.

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