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September 15, 2018

Top Beutifull Place In The World

Our planet is beautiful planet. There are a lot ecosystems live in this planet. Our planet has a lot beautiful place, but it was long time ago before human develop into huge population. Yes of course because human a lot of ecosystems damaged or the worst is extinction. Human caused a lot of problem which could make this planet dirty, example globalization, forest burn, garbage in beach and many more. This action will make our planet doesn't look beautiful any more.
Beyond all of it this world is full of very beautiful places. Various places in the world store a lot of beauty that we don't know yet.
Starting from mountains, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, deserts, forests and beaches. In addition there are also islands and cities in this world that have their own beauty.
In various countries in the world also have tourist attractions or places with beautiful natural scenery respectively.
If mentioned, there will be many beautiful places in the world. Here are a list of the most beautiful and best places with amazing natural scenery.. Which are of they let's we see....

1. Aurora, Norwegia

Aurora is a natural phenomenon in the form of light that is green, red, purple, and blue in the sky at night. Aurora only occurs in the northern hemisphere.
And of the many countries in the north of Norway, Norway is one of the best countries to observe and enjoy the beauty of aurora that is extraordinary.

2. Bern, Swiss

Bern is the capital of Switzerland, a country in parts of Central Europe that has extraordinary beauty. Bern comes from German which means "bear" and this bear is a symbol of the city of Bern.
The city has many ancient buildings dating from 1100-1700s.
One of the buildings is the Cathedral of Bern which was built in Gothic style in the 1400s. The cathedral has towering towers.
Some other sites are government buildings, and the remains of the old city gates.

3. Beachy head, United kingdom

Beachy Head is located in East Sussex, England. Beachy Head is a magnificent limestone cliff formation with a height of 162 meters.
The scenery is very beautiful and amazing can be seen from above Beachy Head, the gentle breeze and the waves of the sea add to the uniqueness of this cliff.
But Beachy Head actually has an 'attraction' for depressed people to end their lives by jumping on the edge of a cliff.
On average there are 20 deaths every year at Beachy Head which makes the police have to patrol this beautiful place. Wow maybe this place has mystical history.

4. Crystalline Turquoise Lake

This Lake belongs to the National Park in Jiuzhaigou, China. This place is a valley with a lake that is so clear and beautiful.
This lake has water that sparkles like a crystal and makes it an amazingly beautiful natural mirror.
This place has also been inaugurated as a nature reserve in China, even UNESCO has made this place a world heritage site in 1992, and in 1997 this place was used as a world biosphere reserve.

5. Fairy Pools

This place is located in Cuillins Hills, Isle of Skye, Scotland. Because the beauty of this pool is called the pool of fairies.
Fairy Pools is a line of very cold turquoise pools. Fairy Pool is surrounded by beautiful rocks and also has lots of small waterfalls that run down which makes it look even more beautiful.

6. Tomita Farm

This Farm is a lavender garden and has long been known as a tourist spot in Hokkaido. The location of the Tomita Farm is in the city of Furano.
Lavender flower became famous in Hokkaido because it has been cultivated for more than half a century.
In winter, not only lavender flowers can be seen here, but many other flowers. In Tomita Farm there is also a flower perfume factory and flower drying.

7. Fernando de Noronha

This Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches located in Brazil. Unlike other beaches, on this beach, besides offering the beauty of the beach, you can also find cliffs with very beautiful architecture.
This beach is very fine sand and very clear water so that marine biota can be seen clearly above sea level.
This beach is also often used for snorkeling and diving, and there are turtle breeding grounds and turtle breeding.

8. Glass of Beach

Glass beach as the name implies is a beach that has glass sand. This beach is located in MacKerricher National Park, near the City of Fort Bragg, California.
The beach that is now a conservation area used to be a garbage dump that is commonly called by the locals as The Dumps.
This glass sand is not present suddenly, but through the process of years until the glass there turns into small rocks.
This glass of stone is no longer sharp, but it is flat and soft and has an attractive color because of its diverse colors.

9. Glowworm Cave

This cave is a cave that is very popular in New Zealand, because of its beauty. If you enter this cave you will see light on the ceiling of the cave like a star.
This light is actually produced by insects that can emit light in the dark.
In addition to the beautiful and stunning scenery resembling the stars in the sky, in the depths of Glowworm Cave can also be found limestone formations that are no less amazing.

10. Marina Bay Sands

This place is an integrated entertainment center, overlooking Marina Bay in Singapore. Developed by Las Vegas Sands, and is the most expensive single investment in the world.
In addition to the beauty of the design of the 3 towers that towered and supported the shape like a boat on it.
To attract tourists, Marina Bay Sands makes the Marina Bay Sands Infinity pool a swimming pool above the highest building of Marina Bay Hotel.

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