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September 5, 2018

Hidden Facts about Animation Movie

animation movie always be favourite for children. Yes, most of children love an animation movie, but sometimes the adult loves it too.  Almost everyday people can watch an animation movie on your TV or another device. When the holiday comes a lot of animation move will appear on your tv channel. I will give you information on several animation which has hidden or secret fact. This secret you won't see it after you watched the movie but I will tell which is the hidden secret. here is the information.

1. Toy Story

First fact is in the movie named "toy story". This animation became famous in 1995. This movie was produced by "Walt Disney" and "Pixar" studio. This movie published in bioskop in November 22 1995. The story of this movie is the boy and his toys which is no longer used when that boy grow up. This movie which duration is 81 minutes has several secrets. In picture below there is huge watch on the wall and there is a picture of mickey mouse inside of it.

2. Goofy Movie

the goofy movie is an animated movie which is published in 1995. This movie is musical animated comedy movie. This movie was produced by Walt Disney animation television and Disney movies toon. This movie distributed by Walt Disney pictures. This movie was released on April 7 1995. There is a secret inside this movie which is you won't see it. The secret is there is mickey mouse in some of scene, watch image below. In that image there is Mikey mouse standing among the crowd.

3. A Bug Life

Bug life is 3D animation which is has a story about an ant and its colony to protect its habitat from threat of grasshopper's colony which is want to domination and dilapidate. This animation movie has several facts about it. The first one is the house of circus in this film which is the name is "Casey Junior"  has a similar name with name of circus train in animation from Walt Disney dumbo 1941. See image below.
Circus Train In Walt Disney Dumboo

House Circus In Bug's Life

4. How to Train Your Dragon

This animation based on 3D animation which is produced by Dreamwork. This animation was released theatrical on March 26, 2010. This movie was very popular when released in north America which has income up to $ 43.700.000. How to train your dragon volume 2 attach attention of public because this movie used new method technology to make this movie. This movie uses a new software named "Premo".

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