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September 30, 2018

5 Hackers Who Already Exist Since Computers Have Not Circulated

Many do not know that it turns out that two founders of technology giants, Apple Inc. namely Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs also had become a hacker. They once created a telephone hacking tool and sold it to their schoolmates.

Speaking of "hackers", surely your memory is directly focused on data theft, phone hacking to computers. But did you know that the hacking or hacking incident had occurred many years before the official computer circulated. There are even some big people in the technology field involved in it.

Many do not know that it turns out that two founders of the technology giant, Apple Inc, namely Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs also had become a hacker. They once created a telephone hacking tool and sold it to their schoolmates.

In addition to Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, there are also several other legendary hackers who have existed since decades ago. As summarized from the List Verse, here are 5 Hackers Who Have Existed Since Computers Have Not Circulated.

5 Legendary Hackers That Already Exist Since Computers Have Not Circulated

1. Rene Carmile


Rene Carmile was assigned to use an IBM machine to track or determine the existence of Jews. But Rene Carmille sabotaged the machines and reprogrammed the system so as to eliminate the column information that shows the religion of every citizen.

But the act was smelled by the government, until finally in 1944, the Nazis captured and sent him to the notorious brutal Dachau concentration camp. After that there was a lot of news saying that Rene had been killed in that place in 1945. The hacking had become one of the most heroic hacking in history.

2. David Condon

In the 1960-1970s, many people tried to hack the telephone network, usually they called themselves "telephone phreaks". But most of them are only able to hack phones so they can make phone calls for free. But a surprising thing happened in the 1990s, a telephone phreak managed to hack the phone more than just to make calls for free.

He was David Condon, who in 1955 whistled with Davy Crockett Cat and Canary Bird Call Flute in his telephone call. Then the whistle sound is identified by the system as a secret message, so the system assumes that he is an employee who will make calls to other colleagues. As a result the telephone system connects it with a remote operator, and connects it to the telephone number he asks for free. Since that time hacking has become more diverse and very varied.

3. Allan Scherr

Allan Scherr is the first person who can break into the first computer protected by a password. Starting when the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) set the first computer password in 1962. They had several computers that had to be distributed to students who had been equipped with a password so that they did not monopolize the machine and set a four-hour time limit for each account.

But one student, namely Allan Scherr, was bored with a very fast deadline. So he instead made a punch card that tricked the computer into printing all the passwords and then using it to enter as someone else every time it ran out. Then he shared the password with his friends and they used the password to hack their teacher account and leave various messages.

4. Ray Tomlinson

The first person to ever send a virus via e-mail was Ray Tomlinson who claimed to be the first computer worm ever. This program will make copies of itself and spread itself throughout the ARPANET, each copy making a small message appear at the terminal saying: "I'm the creeper: Catch me if you can." (I'm creeper: Catch me if you can).

The virus was actually made by Bob Thomas, who was Tomlinson's friend. Initially Thomas made the virus harmless, it only made files bounce off the computer and will be automatically deleted. But Tomlinson modified it so that the virus will not delete it automatically and instead will make the computer error. Now this type of virus is growing and often stealing someone's personal data.

5. Steve Wozniak

Before success with Apple Inc., Steve Wozniak had first hacked the phone. Starting when Wozniak read Esquire articles about Joybubbles and phone hackers or phone phreaks, then he invited one of the telephone phreaks named John "Captain Crunch" Draper, to learn about hacking. After that Wozniak began building a device called a blue box, which was designed to make it easier to hack telephone systems.

The device works effectively, he also told Steve Jobs about it. Then Jobs realized that they could make money with this idea, until finally they began mass-producing and selling the blue box to their classmates, with Wozniak in charge of technology and Jobs in charge of sales.

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