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August 18, 2018

Basic Russian phrases

Здравствуйте…Lesson for today is a basic phrase in Russian language. After you able to read Cyrillic alphabet the next step is to learn basic phrases. Before you make a conversation you will need to learn basic phrases. Basic phrases show you how to make a greeting, say thank you, introduce yourself and many more. Basic phrases are important words which are you used it for every day or general activities.


    1. Здравствуйте (hello)
    2. Привет (hello)
Both have the same meaning, but you need to know the condition before you pick the word. The first one used when you in a formal situation and the second used  In informal situation. Formal situation happens when you speak with someone older than you or someone who is higher than you which mean like you talk to your boss. Unformal  situation happens when you speak with your friend or someone younger than you.
    3. Доброе утро (good morning)
    4. Добрый день (good afternoon)
    5. Добрый вечер (good night)

How to say “How are you”? there is two kind of words which you can use, formal and informal.

Как у вас дела? How are you
Как поживаете?  How are you doing

Как у тебя дела? How are you
Как поживаешь? How are you doing

What about the answer? You can answer that question with following phrases.

Хорошо, спасибо ( I’m fine, thank you)
Не очень хорошо (not so good)
Плохо (bad)

Saying goodbye

До свидания (good bye --> informal or formal)
Пока (bye -> informal)
До встречи (see you)

Introducing yourself

Меня зовут …….. (my name is ……)
Как вас зовут ( what is your name) formal
Как тебя зовут (what is your name) informal
Очень приатно (nice to meet you) informal
Приатно пошнакомиться (pleased to meet you) formal

Others phrases

Спасибо (thank you)
Пожалуйста (please/ you’re welcome)
Да (yes)
Нет (no)

Alright those are basic phrases in Russian, thank you for reading this article and stay tuned for the next lesson.

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