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August 18, 2018

how to read russian language

Hello guys, this time I will share how to read Russian language (русский язык). This language was from a slavian language which it has been spoken at Russia, Belarus, uzbeskistan, kazakhtan and kirgiztan. The Russian language has a unique alphabet. It is totally different from other languages. Rusian language is similar but not same with ukraina language. Russia language was crowned for the third level of hardest language in the world because it took 780 hours to speak fluently. Cryllic alphabet has been used in Russia since first of middle age. Russia alphabet which called cryllic alphabet was founded by saint cyrill at the century of 9. This alphabet is based on the greek`s alphabet. Cryllic has 33 alphabets.

cryllic alphabet

А а

Italics: А а
Letter Name: ah
Pronunciation: father

Б б

Italics: Б б
Letter Name: bay
Pronunciation: bad

В в

Italics: В в
Letter Name: vay
Pronunciation: vine 

Г г

Italics: Г г
Letter Name: gay
Pronunciation: go

Д д

Italics: Д д
Letter Name: day
Pronunciation: Do

Е е

Italics: Е е
Letter Name: yay
Pronunciation: yes

Ё ё

Italics: Ё ё
Letter Name: yo
Pronunciation: yore

Ж ж

Italics: Ж ж
Letter Name: zhay
Pronunciation: pleasure

З з

Italics: З з
Letter Name: zay
Pronunciation: zoe
И и

Italics: И и
Letter Name: ee
Pronunciation: bee
Й й

Italics: Й й
Letter Name: ee kratkoyeh – “short ee”
Pronunciation: boy

К к

Italics: К к
Letter Name: kah
Pronunciation: kept
Л л

Italics: Л л
Letter Name: ehl
Pronunciation: love

М м

Italics: М м
Letter Name: ehm
Pronunciation: masha
Н н

Italics: Н н
Letter Name: ehn
Pronunciation: noun

О о

Italics: О о
Letter Name: oh
Pronunciation: ori

П п

Italics: П п
Letter Name: pay
Pronunciation: punch
Р р

Italics: Р р
Letter Name: ehr
Pronunciation: rat

С с

Italics: С с
Letter Name: ehs
Pronunciation: some

Т т

Italics: Т т
Letter Name: tay
Pronunciation: tool

У у

Italics: У у
Letter Name: oo
Pronunciation: you

Ф ф

Italics: Ф ф
Letter Name: ehf
Pronunciation: font
Х х

Italics: Х х
Letter Name: khah
Pronunciation: loch

Ц ц

Italics: Ц ц
Letter Name: tsay
Pronunciation: bits

Ч ч

Italics: Ч ч
Letter Name: chay
Pronunciation: check
Ш ш

Italics: Ш ш
Letter Name: shah
Pronunciation: shaun

Щ щ

Italics: Щ щ
Letter Name: shchah
Pronunciation: sheep

Ъ ъ

Italics: Ъ ъ
Letter Name: tvyordeey znahk – “hard sign”

Ы ы

Italics: Ы ы
Letter Name: ih

Ь ь

Italics: Ь ь
Letter Name: myagkeey znahk – “soft sign”

Э э

Italics: Э э
Letter Name: ay
Pronunciation: cat

Ю ю

Italics: Ю ю
Letter Name: yoo
Pronunciation: universe

Я я

Italics: Я я
Letter Name: yah
Pronunciation: yar

*source : wikipedia.com

Tips how to practice :

    1. Try to read and learn first for several time

    2. Write down your first word with your pen/pencil (not a keyboard)

    3. Read some easy word in cryllic

After you practice for a week or less you will able to read it. Maybe some alphabet make you confuse such as “у,и,н,р,ш,я”, it looks like English language but it has a different pronunciation. At first time you might be confused but soon or later you won’t confuse anymore. Another problem is sometimes “o” is sound like “a”, why??? This happens when “o” is not stressed it will sound like “a” example моя (maya not moya).

Ok thank you for reading this article, stay tune for next of my lesson for learning Russian language.

I have rich experience in security system & internet security. Also I am journalist for technology and other stuff section. Also i love learning a new language. Feel free to contact me writing an email with your project idea.


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