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May 16, 2018

Preposition in English

Hello people, today I am gonna give you an article about preposition... I hope you will understand it.
A preposition is a word such as after, in, to, on, and with. Prepositions literally used in front of nouns or pronouns and there is a relationship between the noun or pronoun. They describe, for example:

the position of something:
His hat was under the table
The snake crawled between us and lay down at our feet.

the time when something happens:
My girlfriend arrived on Friday

The movie starts at 5 p.m

the way in which something is done:
We went by plane
They stared at each other without talking.

Some prepositions are made up of more than one word, for example:

They moved here because of a job

you sat next to each other.

Alright that was a little information about preposition. Now I will give you the details.
There is three kind of preposition which are:
1. Preposition of time
2. Preposition of place and position
3. Preposition of direction

Right below is a brief explanation of the preposition and when you can put it in the right place
1. Preposition of Time
On is used to express days of the week and special days of all religions. On can also be used to show an exact time with date and month.
In is used to express a general time. When someone does not know the exact time of something, use preposition In to represent it.
At is used to express a specific time, especially relating to time/clock

2. Preposition of Place
On is used to point a surface. In is used to point surroundings.
At is used to point a specific.

3. Preposition of direction
ON + TO = onto: signifies movement toward a surface
IN + TO = into: signifies movement toward the interior of a capacity

("To" is part of the directional preposition toward, and the two mean about the same thing.)

"On" and "In" have a directional meaning and can be used along with "onto" and "into."
The paper went into the litter can.
Point of the subject: the paper is in the garbage can.
The whale washed up onto the seashore.
Point of the subject: the whale is on the shore.

So there is some text of the preposition.
Thanks for reading
I hope you like it

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