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May 16, 2018

Tips how to be good writer

Hello people welcome to my article.  This time I will not write about penetration test or internet security but I will write about English. I will give you tips on how to be good writer. Sometimes when you wrote something you usually made a mistake and error for it. This always happens when you write at the first time. Ok is that a problem?? no that’s not a problem at all, that was a process of learning, you shouldn't worry about it. What you need is a training which makes you be better and better then you will become a professional writer. At the process you shouldn't underestimate yourself just belive yourself you can do it.

Alright now let’s start with the topic one. This topic is how to answer the question about why to allow yourself do mistakes. We always know that who are we, we always have mistakes in our life which of our activities and other, but what we can learn from the mistakes we have done it. The only answer is we will not have similar mistakes in the future. Mistakes teach us what we do are wrong then we need to fix it. The simple example is when we have a bad score on our test what we thought is why we got the bad score, it caused we didn’t study before the exam. Alright from that example we know what to do next to prevent having same mistakes as before. So when you start your carrier, you need to make mistakes to make you be better doing your job and evaluate of your mistakes.

After learning from mistakes that you created, you need to allow people around you or someone who close to you to teach you and correct you. This is so important thing when you do something. We know that we are not perfect, we always make mistakes to do our job, that’s why we need someone to correct our job. The fact-finding a mistake is easier for people who give a correction about our job. So the point number two tell you to allow someone to teach you plus give a correction about your job. Even when you write some article before you post your article make sure you have a teacher or friend who corrects your article and teaches you for any mistakes of your article.

Most everyone on this planet uses a technology for their life. An example is smartphone, I was wondering the people of this planet using a smartphone every day of their life. They cannot live without it I guess. Technology is a big chance for you to learn this planet. You can find every information using technology such us internet, social media and many more. Now let’s discuss social media, with social media you can meet different people from different country,, this is amazing right. You do not use to waste your time travel around the world just for meet foreign person. You just need social media app to do it. This can make yourself learn more and mastered English.

When you have a mentor don’t go away after you rip all education which they gave to you. Always contact them and get in touch with them, why? Learning English you can stop after you mastered it, but every day in your life should practice and practice. If you already did with your mentor you can find a mentor with high level after your first mentor.

 Last point is why you need to upgrade your skill. Yes you need to upgrade more and more your skill. You know even you call yourself a pro mind it because there was someone who better than you. You just need to upgrade your ability until you are the best.

Alright people thanks for reading this article, I hope you enjoy this.

I have rich experience in security system & internet security. Also I am journalist for technology and other stuff section. Also i love learning a new language. Feel free to contact me writing an email with your project idea.


  1. Untuk simple present selalu gunakan kata kerja bentuk pertama ya...

    1. Thank you very much for your correction...

  2. Sometimes when you WRITE (present).
    Sometimes/Usually merupakan keterangan waktu yang menunjukkan simple present.


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