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May 9, 2018

How to Spy Android Using Airdroid
Hey guys,, today I'm gonna show you how to spy on android phone. Maybe you know spying software before. You know there are many spying software in the internet, but now I'm gonna show you how to spy with airdroid.

AirDroid is available for free from the Android Market. First, you need to install airdroid from the victim's phone. To be able to transfer files between your Android device and your PC, you have to sign up for a free account. This also allows you to use AirDroid over the Internet instead of only over Wi-Fi. When the app first opens, you’re asked to sign in or sign up. If you didn’t sign up using a browser, you can sign up for your free account from this screen. Once you’ve signed up for your free account, sign in to your account in the AirDroid app.
Once you sign in, a dialogue box displays allowing you to enable the feature that allows you to view all app and system notifications from your phone on your PC in real time. To turn on the feature now, tap “Enable”. You can also turn on the feature later in the settings.

allow airdroid notification

Now you can access your victim's android. Open a web browser and search for airdroid web. Enter account which is connected to victim's phone. Then you can control files, messages, contact, video and music. If you want get all notification of victim's phone such as messages, WhatsApp, email and many more you can install airdroid for PC and you can control camera and live screenshot
airdroid PC version
you see the all notification of victim's android through here
even you can remote camera access
and you can see what your victim saw with screen recorder

thank you for your attention..
stay educated
and stay hack...

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