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March 4, 2017

How to buy free domain for blogger

Hello people today i will explain how to get free domain for your blogspot. Ok freedomain which you can use there are : tk,ga,cf,ml

These domain will expired after one year, but dont worry it can be reactivated before the expired time, exactly you will get notification 15 days before expired time.

Alright make sure you have a website first. In this tutorial i will explain for blogger user only.

Ok let`s start it..

visit ---> freenom

i recomend you to sign up first.

After sign up please active your account. Then sign in to freenom.

after login select Service --> register new domain

enter your new domain name ex: near-corp

then choose your domain,,( i will choose .ga)

click get it now then click checkout

replace the periode with 12 month then click continue

after checkout click complete order

then choose " click here to go to your client area "

Now you need to config your blogspot.

visit your blog configuration then choose setting->post->publishing->setup a3d party

input your new domain such as www.near-corp.ga

you will see some kind like these :

www                                       ghs.google.com

pisdspfkenns                           gv-dfesdsdsblablabla.com

you need to copy those to your freenom..

come back to your freenom than choose mydomain

Click on  manage domain

then click manage freenom dns

then type the following instruction

Name                     type            TTL            Target
near-corp.ga         A                 14440
near-corp.ga         A                 14440
near-corp.ga         A                 14440
near-corp.ga         A                 14440
www                     CNAME       14440        ghs.google.com
pisdspfkenns         CNAME      14440         gv-dfesdsdsblablabla.com

then save change

Go back to your blogspot then save don t forget to check list "redirect to near-corp.ga to www.near-corp.ga


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