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February 24, 2017

How to spy any smartphone

Hello people, come back to me... Today we will discuss how to spy people using their smartphone.

So this tutorial for education only. Do not be asshole to test this tutorial to smartphone which doesn`t belong to you.

Ok we need tools to do this.

1. PC
2. Android
3. Android ( victim )
4. application ( thetruthspy.com )

Maybe you have a quetion, why we need victim`s phone? the only answer is you will install the app through your victim`s phone. If you don`t wanna do this you can force your victim to install app and log in to your account then you can spy his phone.

And your victim must have an internet connection.

Now go to the site ( thetruthspy.com )

TheTruthSpy. It has a 48-hour free trial, so we can use it for a couple days ( so use this app when there is an important moment only, do not use it to have fun ) . Let's download it, install it, and give it a try.

Before you download it, you should register to new account ( it`s easy to do )

 i recomend you to use a temporary email to register --> https://mytemp.email/

after register your account download app for android/iphone --> HERE

After download you need install it to your victim`s phone.

1. Configuration
A/ Before downloading TheTruthSpy, be sure that target device has internet connection via Wifi or 3G or GPRS.
And target device must be set to allow the installation of non-Market apps (Go Settings > Security > check Unknown Sources)

make sure you disable any antivirus.

2. After install you need to login to your account

3. When you install TheTruthSpy, your device will prompt all the permissions the app needs to be installed.
Please accept to continue the installation.

1. You can hide this application with tap button Hide Icon TheTruthSpy.  if you want to show the application again simply make a call with number #2013*.
2.  restart if you found some error

Ok done....

Come back to thetruthspy.com then login to your account. You will see your spy result.

You can only read sms, call history and tracking. If you want to get more just buy it.

I have rich experience in security system & internet security. Also I am journalist for technology and other stuff section. Also i love learning a new language. Feel free to contact me writing an email with your project idea.


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