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February 23, 2017

How to spoof or flood email on windows

Hello guys, after publishing a post about how to flood email on kali linux and how to spoof email on kali linux we will learn how to do it on windows. Please use every tutorial of hacking for good reason and do not abuse it. Spoof email will make your victim afraid and another bad feeling so do not abuse it, ok...

Ok let`s get started

You need a third party tool called navillera mail you can download through the website ---> HERE

Or you can direct download --> HERE

After download extract it and run the program

You can use default Gmail account to send email but you can use yours, before that you need to config your email account. Follow step on HERE to config your SMTP email.

Now we will use our account just click on setting and uncheck "use default account".

Then click on SMTP tab and input sender name

Go back to first tab "Setup" then you need to fill the form.

you can set the amount of your email to send to your target. after finish click "send email"

OK done..... If there is any question just write comment below.

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