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January 5, 2017

How to find a vulnerable site with uniscan

Hello people, this time i will show you how to find a vulnerability of website using a tool named uniscan

Uniscan is a tool for test vulnerability of any website/blog from any attack of XSS, RFI, SQL injection, etc. Uniscan is a free and open source which is can be download for free. Uniscan was built using Perl.

Here it is a few steps for using this tool:

1. open your terminal

2. if you don't have this tool you can download by type apt-get install uniscan

3. Alright open uniscan by type uniscan

4. Then enter your target by typing

uniscan -u www.test.com --qweds

5. Now uniscan will find vulnerability of the website

6. if successful you will see the vulnerability URL of the site.

7. then execute with sqlmap


Uniscan could show a fingerprint from the specific website. This command such as ping or traceroute the specific website. You can use this feature by typing
uniscan -u www.test.com -j or
uniscan -u www.test.com -g

Another Trick

Another trick is finding all domain on website using this tool by typing:
uniscan -i "ip:"
change 000 with ip address of website

If you want to search using google dork with this  tool simply type:
uniscan -o 'googledork'

Thank you for using this tutor i hope you enjoy this.

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