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January 29, 2017

How to find someone Public IP

Hello people today i will give you how to find your victim public IP.

Why we should know our victim`s IP ? Before we continue we will discuss what is Public IP. A public IP address is an internet protocol address which accessed through internet. It was just like a postal address which used to send a mail to your house. When you connected to the internet, automacally you have an IP address and you can see your IP adress at canyouseeme.org

If you want to hack your victim over WAN, you should know their IP address. Without it you can`t get access to your victim, such as trace their location, exploit them and many more. There are many way to find an IP address of  your target but i won't explain all af them we will use a tool on website called iplogger.

In this tutorial we will discuss how to find it.

Alright now open iplogger.org

1. First Tutorial we will use default image URL to find ip address of your victim

Click at "Invisible Logger"

Then click at "Get Logger Code"

you will redirect at that page, just copy link like this "http://iplogger.org/1sPu7.gif" then send to your victim.

After your victim opens it, you can see your victim`s IP at "logged IP`s" just find it on the page.

2. Next tutorial you will use your image to find your victim`s IP

Come back at iplogger.org

Then you can see there is a box with show URL/Image

Then you just need to paste your image URL
to it.

The next step as same as above.

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