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January 27, 2017

Hack facebook using phishing scenario

Today we will discuss how to hack facebook using phishing scenario.

First, what is phishing?Phishing is a trick to create a fake web/application which is used to gain any information  (username, password, email etc) from anyone.

Why phishing? Because it easy to use to harvest victim's account. With phishing we can trick our victim to see their credentials information such as username, email and password.

How it works? First you need to make a fake site which it cloned with another website. Example, you want to get your victim's facebook account then you need to clone facebook page.

How to make phishing? Making phishing is easy your requirement is tool and internet. You can use web hosting to make phishing page but I will explain later. With using kali linux you can easily create phishing page with setoolkit but if you don't have kali linux you can use website which has a service of phishing page. I will explain how it works:

You can visit this link to go to website which gives service of phishing site :

1. shadowave

2. Z-shadow

3. Anomor


1. Open the link you want to create phishing

2. Register user account

3. At home page you will see links of any social media

4. Right click at link social media which you want then select copy.

5. Share your link to your victim, you can use bit.ly to short the link. Just visit bit.ly

6. When your victim access the link, you can see your victim's credential information at your phishing account. Click on my victim page, when the page says "click the image below to see your victim", just reload the page.

7. Done!!

This tutorial for z-shadow

1. Register to new account then login

2. You will see this page on home

just choose the phishing scenario you want to use then click on links then select the language which you want to use i recommend to use English

Then you will see this link "https://apps.facebook.com/doparta/?app=5d41402abc4b2a76b9719d911017e592/fcb/en/?i=408859&i=408859"

just copy it and sent to your victim, you can short it by using bit.ly

You can make your own phishing page by visit this ---> HERE

enter URL which contains login page then choose user agent you can choose Desktop, android or many others.

After that select "make" to finish. Then go to mypage --> HERE

Then copy the link and send to your victim.

Ok Done...

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