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January 6, 2017

How to Evil Twin jamming Wifi Using Wifiphisher

Hei Guys

Today I will show you how to hack wifi using phishing mode. This attack manipulates wifi connection to force people who are connected directly open your phishing server. I will explain you scenario of this attack. you connect to free wifi in public area. Next, you scan the wifi network see who is connected. Then start the attack, everyone who connected with the same network of yours will affect with your attack and they will directly to a phishing page. If they input their credential it will pop up into your computer.
*note = this attack based on evil twin attack and it will clone access point if there is a security passcode in original one, if there is no passcode it will blend/ hijack the access point.

 - Penetration OS (kali linux or etc)
 - wifiphisher
 - mon0 interface

here is the steps:

1. You need to download wifiphisher at GitHub here is the link 

2. Then open your terminal and type cd /root/Downloads/wifiphisher

3. then type ./setup.py

4. after that open wifiphisher on terminal by typing wifiphisher

5. Ok there is problem,,, let's fix that

6. First you need to activated mon0 interface by type 
    "iw wlan0 interface add mon0 type monitor "

7. Next try to run wifiphisher again.....

8. tarraaaa... next wifiphisher will scan network

9. ctrl + c after you find your target

10. then choose number your target

11. after that there are choice

12. first using firmware scenario, second using network contact manager, third using plugin manager, fourth using facebook login

13. your choice....

14. Ok Done....

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