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January 6, 2017

How to Hack Wifi with Fluxion

Hello guys ....tutorial today is how to hack wifi using fluxion. Fluxion is a tool to create an evil twin of wifi network. This attack will clone access point and shut down the original one which means you connect in "eva" wifi access point then you start the attack then there would 2 of wifi named "eva". Automatically the original "eva" will shut down and people who connected will disconnect. They can't connect again to the original so they will connect to fake wifi/evil twin.

Here are the steps

1. you need to download fluxion-master at github


2. Open your terminal and type cd /root/Downloads/opensource

3. then type ./install.sh

4. wait...

5. Ok done.... type ./fluxion

6. choose your language

7. choose your interface

8. ctrl + c after you find your target

9. choose your target

10. choose fake ap "recommended"

11. hit enter when asking about path of .cap file

12. choose aircrack

13. choose number 1 or 3

14. when handshakes found hit ctrl + c

15. then choose phishing scenario 1-19 is depending your language 20-below is phishing depending router page scenario.

16. Ok ,, let`s fishing...

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