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January 20, 2017

How to flood email using setoolkit
Hello people today we will discuss about how to flood email using setoolkit.

alright let`s do it

1. you need to set your SMTP email, for gmail check on this LINK

2. Open your terminal and type setoolkit

3. then choose no. 1

4. choose no. 5 mass mailer attack

5. choose     no.2.  E-Mail Attack Mass Mailer

6.  set the path your email victim,,

7.  you need to create first,, open leafpad and enter your victim then copy and paste above(repeat how many you want)

8. Save it

9. Then enter the path of your leafpad

10. choose no.1. Use a Gmail Account for your email attack.

11. Enter your Gmail account

12. enter your name which it will be seen by your victim, then enter your password, flag your message as high priority or not, if you want to send file choose yes, then choose use HTML text or plain text

13. Enter your message, after finish type END "with capital"

 14. Doone !!!

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