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January 6, 2017

How to Deface All Site On Local LAN

Today i will give tutorial about how to deface all site on local LAN. This technique will replace all site on local lan with your html scrit. People who connected with same network will infect with this technique. This technique is not permanent, it will normal again when victim disconnected or using another network.

Ok just follow my lead...

1. First you need to build your deface html.

2. Open your terminal

3. Type Setoolkit

4. Choose 1,2,3,3

5. Input your Ip adreess

6. Input path your deface html( you need to rename your html to index.html)

7. enter and finish

8. open ettercap ,, ( before that edit your dns setting )

9. Klik start unified sniffing,, choose your interface,.

10. Choose host and scan host,, after that find router ip then sellect add to target  1

11. then sellect all ip except router ip then add to target 2

12. Klik Mitm attact and sellect arp poisoning.

13. then sellect plugin, and hit enter to dns spoofing

14. Done......

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