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I'm Ahdeen,
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I have rich experience in security system & internet security. Also I am journalist for technology and other stuff section. Also i love learning a new language. Feel free to contact me writing an email with your project idea.

What I Do

I like to test my system even somebody`s system for fun and to learn.

Software Developer

I enjoyed for changing someone code to develop it in to a new one.

Web Design

Literally i build website not from 0 but i like to use some code to make in to a new one.


I love to spy someone`s device,it makes me know about their secret even it was a inappropriate action.


Writing is my other hobby in my life.


Someday i will become a great marketer

Recent Works

3 Ways to Return Instagram Hacked Easy and Fast

Having trouble returning your IG account hacked? The following is a collection of ways to restore Instagram hacked.

Maybe you have 100 or even 100 thousand followers, but when you feel your Instagram account has been hacked, you must be upset. Moreover, if the account can't be opened.

Well, first of all you can do is:

  • Report it to the Instagram help center
  • Select the Privacy and Safety Center
  • After that, select Report Something and click the Hijacked Account. Then, just follow the instructions listed on the page.

Besides reporting and asking for help directly to Instagram, there are several other ways you can do yourself to restore Instagram hacked.

How to restore Instagram hacked easily and quickly

This time we has summarized three ways to restore Instagram accounts that are hacked easily and quickly.

If Instagram is hacked, you can still login

If suddenly your Instagram account is used by someone else, but you are still logged in to that account, there are a number of things you can do to restore your hacked Instagram account.

Open the Instagram application on your mobile and select Settings to change your password.

After you change your password, check the list of authorized applications to make sure hackers don't upload or post from other sources.

To delete all access to applications connected to your Instagram, you must log in using a PC or laptop via a browser. After you enter your profile, select the Settings menu then click Authorized Apps.

Then, Revoke Access or cancel access to applications that you don't recognize or simply revoke all access.

Now your Instagram account is no longer accessible to other people. It's possible that the person knows your password so that he can enter your Instagram account. So, keep the password confidential!

If Instagram is hacked, but can't login

If this happens, it means you are facing better hackers.

Indeed, many hackers change passwords so that we have trouble getting into our account.

The following is how to restore Instagram hacked, if you can't log in at all.

Open the Instagram application on your mobile. Then click Forgotten Password. Then type your Instagram username or email. If you can't, also try entering your mobile number.

After that you just follow the instructions to restore your Instagram account.

If the username and email are also modified hackers

Hackers don't just change passwords but also change your username, email and you don't have access to the email that is connected to your account, meaning you can't follow the steps Jaka mentioned above.

If this happens, it's not impossible for you to return your account. The first step you can do is check your email that is connected to an Instagram account.

If there is a message in Inbox or Spam from Instagram that mentions a request or request to change your Instagram email, try clicking on the option as Jaka marked below to confirm that you did not submit the email changes.

If you don't find the message, try searching to the bin or trash because it might be deleted.

But if the email from Instagram really doesn't exist, you can use Facebook to change your Instagram email. You can do this if you have previously connected your Instagram to Facebook.

The steps are as follows:

For Android phones, click Get Help Signing In on the login page. Then click login with Facebook. And, use your Facebook credentials to log in to your Instagram account.

While if you are an iPhone user, click the Facebook icon (Continue as ... your name).

After you have successfully entered, go directly to the Settings menu and reset your email and password.

How to protect your Instagram security from hackers

To prevent your account from being hacked, Jaka has tips on how to maintain your security from hackers, namely activating two-factor authentification in the Settings menu.

Indeed, this method does not guarantee 100 percent of your Instagram is free from hackers, but at least makes hackers rather difficult to access your Instagram account because there is a double protection.

The organization named femen

Femen is a group of female atheist activists who defend the rights of their people. Femen is different from American feminism, especially Muslims. These are extreme feminists born on April 10, 2008 in Ukraine, who now have around 150,000 followers in 17 countries.

Well, he said, he defended, automatically every time a woman was taken away, they would protest. But the protest was carried out always topless (topless) and wrote various forms of words / resistance on his body.


On the official website page, FEMEN explained its identity as "... the scandalous famous organization roofless women activists, whodwith their breast sexual and socialequalityin the world. in the world). "More here

Before Inna Shevchenko tweeted on his Twitter account about the holy month of Ramadan (18/7) yesterday, their actions which were classified as crazy had also disturbed Muslim women from all over the world.

On April 3, 2013, they burned a flag that read "Laa ilaaha illallaah, Muhammadan Rasulullaah" in front of a mosque in France as a form of protest. On April 4, 2013, the action was held in front of the mosques in Kiev and Berlin. A similar action was held on the same day in Brussels and the Tunisian Embassy in Paris.

Then, on April 4, 2013, they held a protest which, according to them, Islam was suppressing women. This action is definitely done with bare-chested and scribbling parts that should be covered by every woman, regardless of religion.

The action, titled International Jihad Topless Day, certainly received a response from Muslim women. One of the voicing Muslim women is Ilana Allezah, who is a Muslim activist in Washington. He also strongly opposed the "activity" femen. As he mentioned in an interview with Huffingtonpost, this event was racist and was an insult to Muslim women. Furthermore, a Pakistani-American feminist named Farah Rishi said that freedom for a Muslim woman does not have to be opposed to physical matters. The essential and desirable freedom of Muslim women around the world is when they can freely wear Muslim clothing and carry out Islamic values, in the midst of Western civilization that has double standards.

After Femen's many insults against Muslim women, Sofia Ahmed fought Femen by campaigning for the beauty of a Muslim woman in a headscarf through online media. He said, one of the pride for a Muslim if he could show his true identity. Muslim veiled photos that Sofia uploaded on social media, immediately received a response from Noor Firdosi who said, "I am very proud and happy to wear a hijab."


Surely these comments further strengthen and delight other Muslim hijab users, right? Especially for me personally, read comments from Melody Church, who from his name is non-Muslim, said "As a US citizen, I am ashamed of what FEMEN is doing. I hope this makes us care about what Muslim women wear."

When insulting the holy month of Ramadhan yesterday, Inna Shevchenko told one of the French media that the "resistance" they did was not only against the religion of Islam, but for all religions in the world, especially those which curb women's freedom.

FEMEN and the Dream of the Feminist Revolution

"Models don't go to brothels," shouted a female activist with a bare chest. The woman is Aleksandra Shevchenko, an activist at FEMEN, a feminist organization in Ukraine.

Oleksandra Shevchenko's protest was addressed to the world's top star, Paris Hilton, during a press conference in Kiev, Ukraine. Paris Hilton came to Kiev to judge a beauty contest.

FEMEN protested the event. For Femen activists, the model business in Ukraine has become a means of selling beauty.

Against Prostitution

24-year-old Alexandra Shevchenko, along with two of her friends, founded Femen when the orange revolution swept through Ukraine.

Women's participation in Ukraine is very low. In parliament, there are very few women. While in the government there is almost no female figure. Also, almost no group spoke about women's rights in Ukraine.

Nearly 70% of the income of Ukrainian women is obtained from men. About 80% of unemployed people in Ukraine are women.

The biggest concern that triggered Femen's birth was the rise of prostitution and trafficking in women in the former Soviet country. One day, Femen activists held a protest against a New Zealand radio station. Because the radio station promoted sex tourism in a number of places in Ukraine.

"Ukraine is not a brothel," shouted 9 Femen activists in a half-naked look.

According to Alexandra Shevchenko, most Ukrainian women who live in large cities have links to prostitution or the prostitution business. The reason, said Alexandra, is the cost of education and the high cost of living.

As a result, in order to live a normal life, many Ukrainian women support life from prostitution and other sex businesses. Especially after this crisis, income from the sex business has doubled.

Even worse, said Alexandra, the President also often promotes prostitution during overseas visits. At a meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the President encouraged people to visit Ukraine in the spring, where women reduce their clothes.

Femen activists have held protests on campus. They condemned the rampant sexual abuse by teachers. Lecturers often lure good grades with two ways: sex and money. Because most students are poor, they give sex.

In addition to protesting prostitution, Femen also fought against dictatorship and totalitarianism in Ukraine. With the absence of democracy in Ukraine, political life in the country is very anti-female.

In the Ukrainian parliament, the number of women does not exceed 7%. That figure is very low compared to when Ukraine was under Soviet: 30-35%. Similar events occur in political offices, company ownership, and others.

Method of Struggle

The Femen struggle method is often considered controversial. Femen activists use their bodies as a powerful weapon.

"We protested naked because breasts are our weapon," said Evgenia, 23, an artist who became a Femen activist.

Femen activists often write their demands in the breast. The method attracted enough attention and their demands were heard.

According to Alexandra, what distinguishes Femen from most European feminists is the method of his struggle.

"They do not use their bodies and sexuality as weapons to achieve the goals and demands of women," he said.

Femen has a core member of 300 people. However, not all members were forced to carry out the semi-naked action. The members are involved in other activities.

Femen once held an action when Ukraine hosted the "European Cup". There, activist Femen did not reject the soccer event, but rather the tendency of the accompanying sex industry.

Femen's struggle has entered a broader political context. This feminist organization is determined to end male domination in political life.

The Ukrainian parliament, which is predominantly male, often resembles a boxing arena. Many political debates in parliament end with fist fights.

"We want to seize power from men, build barricades, start wars and create matriarchal societies for a better world," Alexandra explained.

At present, Femen is fighting for a law that prohibits sexual business. They also fight for punishment for those who revive sexual business and trafficking in women.

However, Femen not only fought in his country. They also participated in various protests at the world level: Occupy Wall Street, opposed to the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, protesting nuclear, and others.

In addition, Femen also has an interesting campaign: diligently reading books. They have a slogan: If you don't read books, we're not going to sleep with you!

These young Ukrainian feminists aspire to realize a feminist revolution.

3 Easy Ways to Clean Laptop and Computer Keyboard

It was quite annoying indeed if the computer keyboard or laptop that you use everyday, suddenly can not be used.

Moreover, when you are working on college's assignments or completing your work that is almost deadline.

As one of the most important peripheral devices, there are moment when the keyboard you use doesn't function optimally due to dirt and dust.

If your keyboard feels less functional because of dirt, you should follow the easy steps below.

Keep in mind, before you start cleaning the keyboard, you need to unplug the keyboard that is attached to your computer or laptop.

1. Dust

One common problem that 'attacks' the keyboard is dust. A quick and easy way to overcome this problem is to use a brush - or toothbrush - soft.

For a keyboard on a laptop, you should use a small vacuum cleaner to avoid damaging the existing laptop components.

Then to deal with stubborn dust, you can use a harder brush.

2. Germs

Because it is used daily, it is natural that your keyboard becomes a "farm" for breeding various kinds of germs.

For that, you should avoid disinfecting products that contain ethyl elements and it is better to use alcohol containing isopropyl.

Why is isopropyl better? Because the chemical content of ethyl elements will erode the letters on your keyboard.

The safe limit of alcohol that you can use is 60 percent or more.

Use a cotton bud or cloth that you have wet with a cleaning solution. Rub the keyboard key surface evenly for the top of the keyboard, and the cotton bud for the sides.

3. Water Spill

Is there anything worse than the sticky keyboard button?

Spilling coffee or soda on the keyboard is the worst thing that might happen. The first thing you need to do is unplug the keyboard from the computer.

Although many people clean the keyboard while still wet, you should dry it first.

After drying, to remove the liquid attached to the button, you should remove the buttons one by one.

This is done so that the keyboard keys can be cleaned properly and easier when they are re-installed.

How do I release the keyboard button easily? For a computer keyboard, you can use a flat blade or screwdriver to release the keyboard button from the side. Don't use too much energy, because the keyboard button will be released easily.

For a laptop keyboard, you simply use finger nails to release the keyboard keys. Be careful when you release the keyboard button, because the key mechanism is vulnerable to breaking.

After removing it, you can use a wet cloth first to dry the wet parts.

After drying you can use alcohol to clean the keyboard base. To clean the keyboard button, you can soak it in warm water.

Don't forget to dry the button before you install it again.
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